The Nikhedonia Team

Courtney Leigh


Courtney is a communications and marketing specialist with a focus on performance leadership.

Her pursuit of academic and athletic achievement fortunately aligns with a passion for delivering those same results in business. She delivers clear and focused strategy, stands behind her practice, and builds teams to win.

Courtney has a decade of insight and experience in commercial and retail enterprise. She is a strong-minded and capable professional with a Bachelor of Arts, focused in Communications in Public Relations and a Marketing minor at Thompson Rivers University.

Ben Beveridge

VP, Business Development

Ben has an innate ability to connect with people, and a deeply trained skillset in discovering, planning, guiding, and supporting others to reach their goals.

Through his process, he often comes to know more about a client’s needs, capabilities, and desires than they do themselves.

People we work with

These are the people we work with. The ones we call on, when we need help.

When we need advice. Or when we need to get something done.

These are the people that we rely on to reach our goals, support our clients, and deliver results.

Joseph Gill


Joe is a partner in the firm McKercher LLP, focused on start-up, technology, and entrepreneurial ventures. He provides “cradle to grave” business planning leveraging his expertise in corporate finance, tax, and general corporate law.

Joe brings a unique business sense to his advice having co-founded a legal technology start-up that was a participant in Saskatchewan’s first pre-seed business accelerator program. He is counsel to a number of start-ups in the technology, real estate, cryptocurrency, blockchain, cannabis, and apparel industries.

Yarden Gershony


Yarden handles disputes concerning real estate assets, breaches of contract, shareholder remedies, breach of trust and fiduciary duty, employment matters, and financial fraud and misappropriation. His broad-based practice extends to representing clients in trials, judicial reviews, appeals, mediations, arbitration hearings, and administrative hearings. He is a member of the Bars of British Columbia and New York.

Pardeep Kooner


Pardeep runs a boutique firm that specializes in small business, providing clients with personalized service. By focusing on a deep understanding of her clients’ needs and goals, she is able to ensure that their financial goals align with efficient tax planning. Pardeep has over 18 years of experience providing personalized tax planning to a variety of small businesses ranging from start-ups to established companies.

Twin Creek Media


James Shaw and the Twin Creek team stand behind their work like no other company in this space. Their commitment to delivering results, and real value, is without peer.

Driving brand awareness through social media is critical to consistent growth. We must make the effort to keep up to date on the latest changes in algorithms, and follow specific strategies, that in combination with engaging visuals and effective messaging, will ensure the business gains the professional online presence it deserves.

River City Design

Web Development/Marketing

River City Design is a web development and marketing company in Kamloops BC, and they have created our current website. They specialize in creating professional unique websites, search engine optimization, logo and brand development, social media optimization, and much more.

Their approach to each new project is individual. They treat every customer equally, regardless of the size of the company, project, and its budget.

Hammock Ninja

Service Provider

Partnering with Hammock Ninja means we get the benefit of all of the tools, products, and techniques that are available to commercial clients, at a significantly reduced cost. And, we get to develop and build market specific systems, and adapt them through practical use.


Service Provider

Dotsuri is a game of entrepreneur. A blockchain token. A business developer.
Dotsuri provides funding and expertise for clients supported by Nikhedonia.

Shawn Pol


Specialized financial knowledge is essential to this practice. Over time, we will connect an internal group that can serve financing, mortgages, loans, and complex transactions related to the process, build, and sale of all products and services.

Our primary partner is Scotiabank, because Shawn is exceptional, and has a unique perspective of bankers empathy. A real feeling for what it takes to make a business work. We have established relationships with Manulife Bank, BMO, RBC, Harris Bank, and several credit unions and private banking firms.


Amy Donovan

Service Provider

Amy is a commercial photographer and branding expert with an eye for capturing the essence of a business, in image and form.

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