We support exceptional people, in the pursuit of impossible goals.

Nikhedonia Ltd. provides communications, development, and management services to business in concept, startup, growth, crisis, or transition.

We offer proven technical analysis, a deep understanding of business process and modelling, and a structured approach to systems design, operations, marketing, behaviour, and relationship.

You want to start your business?

You have a great idea!

This is the fastest, most efficient path from concept to customer.

Get the chance to prove it.

You want to build your business?

You want to grow.

What’s the best way to make that happen?

Your business works.

Get the plan to capture the potential in it.

You need to save your business?

You’re in trouble. Now what?

Get the answer to what the trouble really is, and how to fix it.

Evolve your business. With no debt, no interest, no investors, and not a dragon or a shark in sight

Results. Performance. Profit.
You’re playing a game, and you suddenly realize that you’ve got it in the bag. Or you’re watching your favourite team play and, after a close-fought match, you see that they’re surely going to win. That’s nikhedonia—the feeling of excitement or elation that comes from anticipating success.
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